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  Item No. Color Appearance Applications Packing
201 Yellow Pellets

General purpose, for box forming and carton sealing.

25 kgs/bag/1.5'
216 Pale Yellow Pellets

Fast setting, good heat resistant.

25 kgs/bag/1.5'
261 Yellow Pellets

Fast setting, for box forming and carton sealing.

25 kgs/bag/1.5'
231 White Pellets

Good for heat stability.

25 kgs/bag/1.5'
316 Milk White Chips

Spine glue for general purpose.

25 kgs/bag/1.5'
313 Milk White Pellets

Spine glue, good for coated stocks.

25 kgs/bag/1.5'
302 Clear White Chips

Spine glue for high adhesion and high strength.

25 kgs/bag/1.5'
326 Yellow Pellets

Spine glue for low temperature application.

25 kgs/bag/1.5'
307 Clear White Pellets

Side glue, good adhesion, long open time.

25 kgs/bag/1.6'
805 Clear White Pellets

For plastic, lightweight metal, ornament, lamination.

25 kgs/bag/1.6'
833 Clear Yellow Pellets

For plastic, ceramic, glass, PET, acrylic, lightweight metal.

25 kgs/bag/1.7'

                     Note:  The color of the pictures maybe slightly differnet from real products due to photography.

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